Connecticut DMV Office Information

The letters DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicle, it is a government agency located in the United States of America. Every state in USA has a dedicated DMV agency to carry out functions relating to a vehicle.

Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle is one such Government agency that carries out functions like issuing of license and registration of vehicles among other things.  Tough Connecticut DMV agency carries out both activities, namely, issuing and renewal of driver’s license and car registration yet the location of these activities are separate. So, before you visit the Connecticut DMV check the location of their services you need.

In this article, we have discussed about the services of Connecticut DMV and how to contact it.

Types of services provided by Connecticut DMV

Connecticut DMV provides a wide variety of services. The services provided by the Connecticut DMV can be broadly classified into four heads, namely:

Title information

The foremost services provided by the Connecticut DMV are title information. It takes care of activities like checking the status of your vehicle title, change of title and recording liens and other loans on the vehicle. One can also visit Connecticut DMV to apply for a title security bond or report an unclaimed vehicle.

License plate and registration information

the next most important service of Connecticut DMV is conducting the knowledge of candidates applying for the permit. This is the reason why it can be called as Connecticut drivers’ license office. It verifies the documents submitted for license or permit and issues the same. Connecticut DMV also carries out activities like the renewal of license and carrying out changes in address or name of the driver.

Vehicle Registration

The third important service provided by the Connecticut DMV is to register new vehicles. It has the authority to issue an identification number to the vehicle whether it is permanent or temporary.

Regulating driver’s Ed services

Tough Connecticut DMV does not directly provide training to new drivers it regulates the third party providing this service. It also enforces the law relating to the motor vehicles in the state.

Today Connecticut DMV provides some of its services online. Connecticut DMV online services are as follows:

  1. Renewals of registration
  2. To collect information on vehicle title records
  3. To check vehicle registration records
  4. Issuing of license plates
  5. Checking the status of title and registration
  6. Verification of compliance
  7. To report unclaimed or abandoned vehicles
  8. To apply for the title of electronic cars
  9. To check the VIN of a vehicle
  10. To report accidents in relation to the vehicle
  11. And also obtain fuel and trip permits.

Please note that vehicle services can also be obtained from Connecticut law enforcement agency in relation to boat registration renewals and vehicle crash reports.

Can you contact Connecticut DMV and if yes how to do it?

One can easily contact Connecticut DMV to avail their services. Connecticut DMV can be contacted in multiple ways. It can be reached through mail or phone. For contacting the DMV via phone you can call on the Connecticut DMV phone number 800-842-8222. If you are outside from Connecticut call on 860-263-5700.

When you call Connecticut DMV you can also make an appointment for the services offered by the DMV or request information regarding the services provided at the DMV. Connecticut DMV can be contacted over the phone to request forms and renew registration.

Connecticut DMV Office Contact Details

Hartford area or outside of Connecticut: 860-263-5700
The rest of Connecticut: 800-842-8222
Department of Motor Vehicles
60 State St.
Wethersfield, CT 06161

What is the working hour of Connecticut DMV?

Usually, Connecticut DMV works between the hours of 8:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Thursdays, Connecticut DMV is open from 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M pacific time.

What are the languages used at Connecticut DMV?

At Connecticut DMV driver’s license exam can be taken in 13 languages. It can be taken in Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

On what days are Connecticut DMV is closed?

Generally Connecticut DMV is closed on Official state Holidays and on Weekends. But recently Connecticut DMV is said to open three of its offices on Saturdays.

FAQ’s On Connecticut DMV

Ans: A long list of FAQ’s can be found on the DMV official site. Here are some of the important questions in connection to Connecticut DMV and motor vehicles.

Q: Can I take DMV written test online in Connecticut?

Ans: As per Connecticut DMV rules, one cannot take written test online. The person applying for the permit must appear in person to take the driving test. But an appointment for driver’s license written test can be made online.

Q: Should I file a police report when my driver’s license gets lost or stolen in Connecticut?

Ans: It is highly recommended to report a lost or stolen driver’s license by visiting a local law enforcement agency by filing a police report. The same recommendation applies when a person loses his registration.

Q: Is it mandatory to attend driver’s Ed course in Connecticut?

Ans: If you are applying and in the process of getting a driver’s permit then yes attending driver’s Ed course is necessary. A course completion certificate must be submitted to the DMV at the time of application.

Q: What do I do with damaged DMV documents in Connecticut?

Ans: Any damaged DMV documents like car title and registration must be surrender, especially, if you are applying to replace it.

Q: How to apply for duplicate documents like registration, car title or license in Connecticut?

Ans: To obtain duplicate documents one has to fill an appropriate application form prescribed for the document and submit it along with a fee to the DMV.

Q: What should one do for reinstating a suspended license in Connecticut?

Ans: For reinstating a suspended license the applicant must fulfill all the requirements order by the court. The requirement may vary from person to person and reason for suspension. Some types of requirement to be completed by the driver are payment of a penalty, fee, jail time, diver’s Ed, etc. Only after the completion, you can apply for reinstating the suspended license. One can also submit a request for reinstatement requirement to the Connecticut DMV to know about the particulars of a case.