How to Get Birth Certificate in Arunachal Pradesh for Baby?

A birth certificate is a permanent and legal document, which acts as a proof of identity and age for an individual. Usually, Government issues birth certificates soon after the birth of a person. Applying and procuring birth certificate is a straight forward procedure, read through the article to know on the procedure for applying Arunachal Pradesh Birth Certificate.

What is the eligibility criterion to apply for a birth certificate?

As per India law, it is mandatory to apply and obtain birth Certificate within 21 days of Childbirth. To apply for the Arunachal Pradesh Birth certificate, the person applying must be a resident of the state.

Usually, parents of a Child or the head of the household can apply for a birth certificate on behalf of the newborn.

Online procedure for applying to Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate

The steps involved in applying for Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate are as follows:

  1. Visit the official website of Arunachal Pradesh government’s online services by clicking on the link –
  2. Follow the URL and click on the tab “ Apply for birth certificate”
  3. Fill in all the required details such as name, date of birth and place of birth.
  4. Check the spelling and date filled in the application. Ensure it is correct, then click on the submit button and keep the required documents handy.
  5. Print the form for further reference.

What are the documents required for applying to the Arunachal Pradesh Birth Certificate?

To obtain a birth certificate not many documents are necessary. If the birth of a Child takes place in the hospital or other medical institutions they would inform the same to the municipal office.

But in case the hospital or medical institution failed to pass the information of a Child’s birth to the municipality then the parents have to apply for the Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate.

To apply for a certificate the parents need to fill a form, sign it and submit the same along with a letter issued by an individual or medical institution that took care of the delivery.

In addition to the letter sometime you may need documents like residential proof of the parents, an affidavit that includes the complete details of the child or proof of birth.

Usually, when a child is born in a medical institution, the hospital itself takes care of the registration.

Do you need to pay anything to obtain a birth Certificate?

The fees structure of Arunachal Pradesh Birth Certificate is as follows:

  1. No registration fee is required to be paid for Arunachal Pradesh Birth Certificate if it is applied within 21 days of the birth
  2. If the birth certificate is applied between 21 days to 30 days, a sum of rupees 100 needs to be paid
  3. Similarly for registration of births after 30 days to 1 year is 200 rupees and for more than 1 year it is 500 rupees respectively.

What are the documents required to register a birth after 1 year?

Usually, it is advised not to delay the registration of birth. At the same time, a birth can be registered and obtain in Arunachal Pradesh after one year.

In order to do so, you need additional documentation for the ones mentioned earlier in the article.

For any birth that is registered after 1 year, parents of the child are required to obtain an order from an executive magistrate. The said order has to be attached to the filled and signed application form at the time of submission to procure the Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate.

For delayed registration, a sum of rupees 500 has to be paid as a late fee.

What is the offline procedure for obtaining the Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate?

Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate can also be obtained offline. For doing so the Parents of the child or their nearest family member must visit the Town Panchayat office or Common service center.

After visiting the office the parents must obtain an application form by paying the fee when applicable. Once you collect the form fill in all required details correctly such as the name of the child, date, and place of birth, the gender of the child and Parent name.

Submit the filled form with required documents like a letter issued by the medical institution or officer, identity and address proof of the parents. In case further documents are requested by the Panchayat or CSC, the same must be submitted to obtain the Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate.

How to track Arunachal Pradesh’s birth certificate status?

For offline applications or in case the status cannot be tracked on the portal, and then visits the panchayat office or CSC to know the status of an application for the Arunachal Pradesh birth certificate.

Arunachal Pradesh Birth Certificate Office Locations & Contacts

Itanagar Municipal Council Naharlagun,
Main Office: Near Rajiv Gandhi Stadium,
City : Nharlagun | PIN Code : 791110.
Email : [[imcmeoita[at]gmail[dot]com]]