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This is an era of information explosion.  It only takes a moment to search for the information you want. however, how do you ensure that the information you are actively seeking is authentic and true.  You would understand that the source from where you get the information is indeed important. Info daddy is designed to collect information regarding all subjects and things that happen in daily life and can be considered as the website that offers authentic and trustworthy information.

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The goal of info daddy is to make it easy to get all the information that is required regarding a particular aspect on a single website. We know it is indeed an arduous task. Yet, we strive to achieve it by virtue of a co-operative effort from you the users as well. Info daddy would be an ideal platform where you can seek information regarding all the legal documents starting from the birth certificate to the death certificate along with the sample forms and the instructions. as to how why and where you can get the forms too. This would indeed be a major step forward in navigating the bureaucratic requirements.

We look forward to being with you in your journey of  “actively seeking” for information providing you with vital and valid information that is really going to help you.